Physiology of the Eye
An interactive journey into one of life’s most precious of senses.
Educational Price $89.00


The heart of this program is an animated journey through the eye--you fly into the cornea, around the lens, through the vitreous, and deep into the layers of the retina. Interactive QuickTime VR panoramas allow users to explore each part of the eye as if they were inside. Detailed movies illustrate the function of the various eye components and the complexity of the retina. Sounds of muffled heartbeats, aqueous fluids, and neural activity effectively transport you into the eye.

  • Over 50 minutes of narrated animation.
  • 3+ hours of interactive content, graphics & text.
  • Examines the human visual system from 6 perspectives:
    • Anatomy: 8 interactive diagrams with definitions. Includes: Extraocular Muscles, External Structures, Tear Layers, Cross-section, Retina Detail, and Neural Pathways to the Brain.
    • Physiology: An animated 3-D tour of the eye examines major and minor ocular structures, tissues, and their relationships. A detailed examination of phototransduction, signal amplification, and processing in the retina.
    • Eye Conditions: 23 of the most common eye conditions and diseases are described and illustrated with clear graphics and animations, including surgical correction procedures. Interactive vision tests give insight into the structure and function of the eyes.
    • Eye Development: A timeline of human visual development from embryonic stages through adulthood.
    • Physics: The properties of light, lenses, refraction, color theory and perception.
    • Optical illusions: This section presents the fundamentals of sensation and perception. More than 25 interactive exercises demonstrate how the visual system can be fooled. The main classes of illusions are represented, with thorough scientific explanations of the phenomena.
  • A comprehensive resource for anyone who needs to understand how the eye works.

System Requirements
Mac OSX & Microsoft Windows