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The incredible power of Starry Night complete with high school curriculum support.
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Award-winning Starry Night High School for grades 9-12 is the only space science curriculum that combines an interactive sky simulator, lesson plans correlated to state and national standards and extensive teacher resources in one easy-to-use package.

Adopted by New Mexico, Starry Night High School has proven to be a highly effective instructional tool that guides teachers and engages students in their explorations and understanding of the Universe.

Starry Night provides:
  • Lesson plans correlated to state and national standards that meet curriculum needs
  • Accurate visualizations and simulations that allow students to make precise observations of Moon phases, motions of the Sun and planets and much more
  • Interactive computer exercises and hands-on activities that encourage questioning, experimentation and exploration and accommodate diverse learning styles
  • Pre- and post-assessment resources with recommendations for improved student performance
  • Flexible teaching models for easy adaptation to pacing and classroom needs
  • Opportunities to develop key skills: observation, data collection, analytical thinking and discovery
  • Extensions that connect to topics in math, physics, language arts, social studies and technology

Winner of ComputED's Best Educational Software Award, Starry Night has been hailed by reviewers and educators for providing "such unique and compelling experiences that it is destined to change lives."

  • Astronomy is a big subject -- Starry Night High School makes it easy to teach with a comprehensive space science curriculum solution written for teachers by teachers.
  • Aligned to 9th through 12th grade national and state science standards, Starry Night High School offers innovative lesson plans with hands-on activities, software guided explorations, DVD movie content and assessment tests.
  • Travel from anywhere on Earth to any planet or star to help your students visualize the size and distances between objects to gain a deeper understanding of the scale of the universe.
  • Starry Night computer exercises, hands on activities and thought-provoking discussion questions encourage students to explore advanced topics, such as the life cycles of stars.
  • The ability to interactively manipulate time and space encourages questioning, experimentation and exploration. Guided inquiry-based learning lets students make their own observations and draw their own conclusions.
  • Research confirms that Starry Night is a highly effective science instructional tool. Recent studies have concluded that accurate visualizations of celestial phenomena are key to gaining a correct understanding of astronomical concepts.
  • You'll be amazed by how quickly your students will grasp the fundamentals of astronomy.
  • Complete with formative and summative assessment tests, detailed lesson plans, hands-on activities, student worksheets and computer exercises, Starry Night High School is sure to spark your students' fascination with the Universe.
Starry Night High School is:
  • US and Canadian curriculum specific
  • Full of pre-tested activities and exercises
  • Designed specifically for High School students
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Fun and simple to use
Modular and easy-to-use solution comes complete with:
  • 30 detailed lesson plans
  • Interactive computer exercises
  • Hands-on classroom activities
  • Conceptual background for teachers
  • Discussion questions
  • Assessment tests and answer keys
  • Resource lists
  • Appendices
  • Glossary of astronomical terms
System Requirements
Mac OSX & Microsoft Windows