Starry Night College
The incredible power of Starry Night complete with college support materials.
Educational Price $399.00


Starry Night College makes it easy to teach astronomy. The ideal companion to your astronomy textbook, Starry Night gives you powerful, accurate, customizable tools to inspire and engage your students. Starry Night College includes more than 45 computer exercises, complete with dazzling interactive simulations, all fully mapped to top college astronomy textbooks. The software is readily accessible to an unlimited number of students via the deeply discounted student download version. The step-by-step exercises in Starry Night College will lead your students to a solid understanding of the universe.

Topics covered include:
  • The celestial sphere
  • Coordinate systems
  • Lunar and solar eclipses
  • The analemma
  • Precession and nutation
  • The dwarf planets
  • Retrograde motion
  • Asteroids and comets
  • The constellations
  • Stellar parallax
  • The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
  • Redshift and the expansion of the universe
  • And more!

Starry Night College comes complete with:
  • Award-winning, customized, Starry Night Planetarium Software
  • Access to unlimited and deeply discounted student download version.
  • Professor’s Guide
  • Astronomy Companion Guide (PDF)
  • 45+ integrated computer exercises
  • Library of pre-assembled, built-in simulations
  • Create movies of your customized simulations and export images
  • Student Worksheets and Answer Keys
  • Exercises mapped to college astronomy textbooks
  • Links, references and suggestions for Online access to additional content and resources
  • And much more!

System Requirements
Mac OSX & Microsoft Windows